Songs from the Cupola

These are songs written from God’s perspective. The International Space Station astronauts have an enviable view of the Earth from the “cupola” in the Space Station. God likewise has a complete view of not only us and our circumstances but a view of the Nations too. He sits enthroned in the heavens and His eye is on the children of man (Psalm 11) and we know His care for us!

The first track Edge of the Blue is a song from God calling to His people to let Him shine through them and an invitation to take risks with Him. ‘Garden’ is also an invitation to meet with God, to get to know Him more. He asks us to come into the garden and be with Him. ‘Prodigals’ came from a continual prayer from Grapeviners that God would cause our prodigals to return home!

As a church we believe the promises to Israel still stand so we pray that all of Israel will be saved. ‘Hear O Israel’ is based on the Shema…”Hear O Israel the Lord Your God is One Lord”

Won’t you come into the garden again

‘What a Mystery’ is a powerful song about the birth of Jesus. The words are deep and full of revelation. It explores the mystery of the fate of this world being  in the hands of a baby and “a trembling girl”.

I wait for the time to be fulfilled for vindication and blood to be spilled. Prophets, wisemen search far and near the child of the promise has come

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