Perfect Love

This is our first in-house EP. All the songs were written by our worship/music team Sam and Dave Newman.

The contemporary songs on this album are heartfelt and many are born out of the general life of Grapevine and the excellent teaching we receive. As such they are theological very deep. and range from songs for meetings to personal performance.

I lift my soul to You Almighty God

The songs God ‘You are my God’ and ‘Salvation Story’ feature guest rapper Dan Edwards. Salvation Story declares the basic truth of our faith in Jesus whereas You are my God is a personal praise song based on Psalm 63.

Dave Newman’s song ‘Choose to Worship’ has proved to be a favourite in our meetings as it is a declaration that no matter what is happening in our lives we will choose to worship Him.

The hardest praise is the sweetest praise, when my heart grows faint then my hands I’ll raise and the sacrifice becomes the victory.

Sam Newman’s ‘Perfect Love’ is based on 1 John 4:17 and is a prayer asking God to root us and ground us in our love for Him.

Stir up a fire within me that can never burn out

We hope these songs will bless you, stir up your heart to love God our Father more and shout out the truth who Jesus is!

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